Kourosh Shahbazi

Designing Practical Human-Centered AI

Machine Learning | Neural Nets | Deep Learning


Practical Human-Centered AI

I’m currently with the University of Texas at Dallas. As an interdisciplinary machine learning researcher, I work on initiatives that could not be accomplished without the collaboration of designers and scientists.

I am involved in the full life-cycle of intelligent system design for research projects. I collaborate with university researchers and students, enabling them to use the full power of machine learning for their projects. I also work with fellow UX team members to develop and deploy solutions.


I am currently pursuing my M.S. in computational modeling/intelligent systems specialization area from the University of Texas at Dallas where I also received my B.S. in Cognitive Science.

My focus is on designing, developing, and evaluating the artificially intelligent systems.

In my undergraduate research, I worked with multidisciplinary research teams on a wide range of studies of human brain functions and dysfunctions.